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Laboratory of digital optics(LDO)

This laboratory hosts experimental facilities for scientific research, and implementation of Bachelor, Master and doctoral theses. At the same time it also provides space for application-oriented research, solutions to technical tasks arising in cooperation with companies, and for demonstration experiments that are part of certain courses.

Major experimental techniques

Optical spatial filtration is used for spatial transformation of coherent optical radiation.

Spatial light modulation enables to modify the amplitude and phase of coherent optical radiation using a matrix of independently controlled liquid crystals. Spatial light modulators can operate in the transmission or reflection mode, and the modulation takes place in real time.

Recording and digital reconstruction of the phase of optical field  is based on recording the intensity of a light field using microlensing grid in a system known as Shack-Hartmann sensor. The record carries information about local wavefront gradients from which it is possible to reconstruct the wavefront of radiation incident on the sensor.

Adaptic correction of optical aberrations allows compensation for aberrations of optical elements or random fluctuations that arise during the propagation of the optical signal.

Spiral filtration uses spiral (vortex) filtration of Fourier spectrum to visualize transparent objects that can not be observed in the intensity detected in an ordinary imaging.

Digital correlation imaging is a new experimental technique based on a combination of classical and digital holography with spatial modulation of light.

Spektropolarimetric measurements is a less well-known analytical method used for measuring the polarization state of light beams both in the visible spectrum and in the UV and IR. Measurement of circular dichroism is characterized by high sensitivity, especially when detecting the chiral compounds.

Examples of diploma theses  (http://www.opto.cz/studium/)

  • Methods for controlling the amplitude and phase light modulators
  • Theoretical and experimental assessment of the efficiency of spatial light modulators
  • Experimental realization of adaptive optical system
  • Diagnostics of laser beams
  • Measuring angular scattering of reflected and transmitted light

Examples of doctoral theses:

  • Optical vortices and their application in information transmission
  • Synthesis of optical fields
  • Physical properties, experimental implementation and applications of optical vortex fields
Available equipment:
  • Sources of coherent and incoherent light: He-Ne lasers, semiconductor lasers, semiconductors, lamps, cold light source for microscopy, fluorescence microscope system for BX-51.
  • Intensity detectors: CCD camera F-View2 Olympus, Retigo 4000R QImaging, systems for beam diagnostics Beam View Analyzer and Micro Beam Profiler, power meter.
  • Wavefront detectors: Shack-Hartmann sensors Haso 128 and OKO.
  • Optoelectronic systems for light control: Spatial light modulators CRL Opto (amplitude transmission mode, 1024x768 px), Boulder (reflective phase mode, 512x512 px), Hamamatsu (reflective phase mode, 800x600 px), Holoeye (amplitude and phase transmission mode 800x600 px), polarization converter Arcoptix LCD, laser scanner, piezoelectric mirror OKO.
  • Modular monochromator for spectral measurements of optical properties of sources and materials in the UV - VIS - IR.
  • Acoustooptic modulator for polarization modulation of light beams.
  • Acoustooptic dichrograf  for measuring transmittance, optical activity and circular dichroism of liquid samples in the range 330 nm - 570 nm.
  • 2 anti-vibration optical tables, optical benches, imaging and polarization optics, and basic mechanical components.


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